Importance of Starting with Why

Importance of Starting with Why

This blog began with the courses and workshops I had been giving on Leadership and Creativity over the years. Keeping up in the field was a joy, but I didn’t have a regular venue to share all the books and articles I had been reading, videos and movies I was watching and inspiring courses I was taking. A blog now allows me to do that. Here, I hope I can provide a portal for you to foster creativity in yourself and in the people you lead. I hope you find it an inspiring place.


New Destinations


Taking Off




"I always felt the best stories could be found right in my back yard. Here are three of my books about my back yard!"


"Use these as a springboard for your imagination."


I love a good book. Look for my recommendations on interesting and inspiring books on leadership and creativity, which I hope sparks an interest in you.


Whenever I spot a fascinating video, article, podcast or any other interesting media, I’ll pass it on and hope it kindles your desire to view them too.


Here’s where I report on new and/or just plain fascinating studies on creativity, innovation, and leadership that I hope will ignite your desire to learn more.

Colleagues and Testimonials

“It’s really wonderful the friendships one makes when creativity is the centrepiece. I’m very grateful.”

“Come to the edge of the cliff.” he said. “We’re afraid,” they said… …They came. He pushed. They flew.             ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

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