About Linda

Dr. Linda Bramble Ph.D. Executive | Academic Coach

Welcome to Leading Creativity, Creatively  Think of my blog as your muse to both inspire you  as well as enable you to think more deeply about being creative and fostering the creativity of others. It’s not just about leading creativity but leading creativity in ingenuous ways. I’ll bring you authors and artists, scholars and speakers that have thought deeply about what it means to lead, create and innovate. Most of all, I hope I inspire you to engage and comment on what you read in these pages.

I have been in the leadership and creativity business for over thirty years. (Niagara Institute, Goodman School of Business, Athabasca University), and I have written about creativity, taught what I knew and was learning about it, and I tried to be creative in the books and articles I’ve written and the seminars I’ve led. It’s a never-ending pursuit, which is why I’m still excited about writing about it. Consider me your coach or muse to help you lead yourself to more creative pursuits or a colleague with whom you might explore ideas. I’m also here to support you in offering ideas on ways of leading your team or organization in developing more and better creative ideas on which to base innovations and growth. And, oh, by the way, I love wine. I’ve written about it, judged it, taught wine appreciation and know it has been a delightful touchstone in my life.



Professional Highlights


  • PhD Philosophy and Education
  • MSc Communications


  • Athabasca University 2017 Dean’s Award for Coaching Excellence
  • Best Wine Tourism Book in the WORLD Award »
    2017 Yantia China International Gourmand World  Book Awards
  • Business Person of the Year (2001)
  • Woman of the Year in Gastronomy (2002)
  • Lifetime Achievement for Contributions to the Ontario Wine Industry (2008)
  • Wine Educator of the Year (2010)
  •  Wine Journalist of the Year (2010)


Athabasca University Faculty of Business

  • ESLS 669 – Strategic Leadership
  • MEDM 604 Ethical Decision Making
  • STOA 601 Strategic Organizational Analysis
  • RDLD Developing Leaders

Scholarly Activities | Professional Memberships

  • Current research on leadership and the Ontario wine industry
  • Books (7) with various themes including wine, food, travel, local history and leadership”
  • Associate, then Director of Values Programs for The Niagara Institute (1981-1994)
  • Brock University, Faculty of Education (philosophy and education) (1974-1979)
  • Concordia University, Faculty of Education (philosophy and education)  (1979 – 1981)
  • Brock University, Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute and adjunct with Faculty of Business (1997-2005)
  • Broadcaster and journalist
  • Scripts for on-line animated training games for professionals in sales, emergency services, medicine and firefighting

Other courses developed and taught (for various institutions):

  • Leadership and Vision
  • Leadership and Creativity
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Creativity and the Entrepreneur
  • Philosophy of Empirical Research
  • Theories of Education
  • Excellence in Sales and Service

Next Steps…

I’d love to meet you and learn about your interests so I might focus on ideas that are relevant to  you.