“Home” on this page means you have arrived at a place where you can learn, relax and ask questions about how to foster creativity in your life and the lives of the people you lead.

You may be a parent leading your little guys, or a manager with a team that you want to come up with ideas to move to the next step of excellence in your organization, or perhaps you’re a man who has just shocked his colleagues and bought the business and now you’re CEO looking for ideas on how to lead creatively.

  If anything, this is a low, vs high-power site. I want you to feel comfortable with what you’re learning. The site contains easy-to-read material on the following:

  • recommendations about books on creativity, articles, and any other media of current interest, plus innovative research in the field.
  • a monthly essay within my blog where I go into more depth about an area of creativity that I have found essential.

And, if you are of a mind, there’s an opportunity to engage in conversation with me or other like-minded individuals. In the words of Luke Cage, “Take this opportunity to find out who you could really be.”~ Marvel’s Luke Cage, Season 1, Episode 2

Next Steps…

The idea is to be open to new ideas, old ideas and the ideas we might share. Meet me there!